Top New Year's Resolutions for Anglers

Even though 2019 has already begun, a couple resolutions have the potential to make the year memorable for anglers. Despite seeming cheesy, New Year’s resolutions are a surprisingly useful tool for keeping yourself accountable. There’s nothing worse than starting the year without a game plan, since it opens doors for wasting time. Of the 40% of Americans who make resolutions, only 8% keep their promises. This epic failure rate showcases that we are making promises that aren’t in line with our interests.

To avoid falling into the same false promises as the rest of America, resolutions need to reflect our passion for fishing.  Instead of focusing on areas that we are only mildly interested in changing, it’s time to put the spotlight back on what we love. On top of improving ourselves, implementing this mantra will help restore the public’s trust in New Year’s resolutions. For this reason, it’s time for anglers to lead the way with resolutions that actually matter.

America needs something to believe in, so let’s make New Year’s resolutions trustworthy again. To spearhead this revolution, we compiled a list of the best resolutions for anglers. These promises are equally easy to implement throughout the year, so they can be adopted at any time. Each entry is tailor made for saltwater fishing, so start off the year focused on what you love!

Best New Year’s Resolutions for Anglers 

Resolution #1: Make Your Own Chum – When it comes to taking on the high sea, chum is an angler’s best friend. While the ingredients vary wildly, the effects of using chum can’t be ignored. These potent mixtures of fish blood and flesh have everything it takes to awaken beasts in the ocean. They can be tailored for different fish’s tastes, which allows anglers to attract the perfect catch.

Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks to using this trick. Making chum is notorious for being messy, which is why many anglers opt to buying chum from tackle shops. This high demand allows shops to charge outrageous amounts of cash for a product that’s created from waste. To avoid this pitfall, start making your own chum. It’s a lot easier than you think, so avoid high prices in 2019 by getting involved in the production process.

Resolution #2: Take Friends Fishing – While this resolution may seem silly, a shocking amount of anglers don’t get invitations. Out of the 60 million anglers scattered throughout America, only 46 million went fishing last year. This means that a whopping 14 million people missed out on their favorite hobby. Let’s break this troubling trend by inviting people we normally wouldn’t on the next fishing trip. In the end it’s the gift that keeps on giving, since it will make the industry stronger!

Resolution #3: Fish for Something New – It’s easy to fall into patterns, and fishing is no exception. While it's comforting to stick to what you’re good at catching, it doesn’t make you a better angler. Say no to repetition by planning a trip around a completely new species. This will lead to new fishing spots, different chum and fresh encounters with other anglers. There’s too many options available to stagnate in your favorite hobby. Defy monotony and test your skills by targeting a new species in 2019!