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Gaffer Sportfishing strives to provide anglers with outstanding value in saltwater fishing gear.  We take great pride in offering durable saltwater equipment that won’t break the bank.  

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What Our Customers are Saying

I’m typically not one to post about a purchase I make but I do want to give a shout out to Bryan Byrd from Gaffer Sportfishing. He is located out of Atlantic Beach, NC. I recently purchased a new fighting belt/harness from him which was top quality and I can’t wait to use it. What was even more impressive was he had all my products delivered to me the next day and I live in South Louisiana! My local post office had a mix up and he was kind enough to contact them for me to straighten everything up.
Thanks again Bryan for the excellent service, great products, and I wish you luck with your new business!
If anyone is interested in checking out some of Bryan’s gear I’ll attached the link below:


I ended up purchasing 2 of these gaffs mainly because of a sale on one of the colors that was not a top seller. I really wasn’t expecting much from a quality stand point because of the price. I was quite amazed at the quality of these gaffs and found myself a little puzzled at how such a quality piece could be manufactured and shipped at the price I got them for. I almost felt like I was taking advantage of someone !!! They are top notch and will be a great addition to the boat for the upcoming season. I was equally amazed at how cheap the shipping was. A lot of times shipping can kill a deal but this was not the case. I have had multiple dealings with Gaffer Sportfishing and am always impressed with their communication, fast shipping and quality products. Bryan is a top notch guy and I am a customer for life.

Rick Latimer

I can tie knots well but for large/heavy line knots are not my style. Crimping those large lines are my style. Now because of these I am “crimping my style”. Was that cheesy? This tool has served me well and shows so signs that it won’t continue to do so for a long time to come. All my crimps are perfect with these pliers. I haven’t had a crimp to fail yet. My previous method of crimping with general purpose high quality electrical crimpers has actually caused several failures. The main cause of those failures was the crimp was to tight and partially cut through the line. That is no longer a problem with these crimpers as the gauged jaws make sure that I don’t squeeze aluminum through my line but they do make sure that my crimp is perfectly secure. Find a better pair of STAINLESS crimpers for the price of these I DARE YOU. The side cutters are sharp as well. They are not advertised to cut braid but I’ve done it . Would I buy them to replace my braid cutters? NO. Do I enjoy not have to scurry to find the braid cutters when I forget to take them out? Yes. Your results may vary on cutting braid as I said they are not advertised to do that. I only cut wire with one side to try to preserve the ability to cut the braid with the other side and so far so good. Give them a shot.

Clay Williams

Never shop anywhere else for gear. I had concerns about buying a gaff for such a low price.. After two seasons of use and abuse hooking monster bluefins; I’ve had zero problems. The hook is strong, and the handle is solid. No wiggling or bending with the 4′ model. I’m going to buy another for a reserve, or if someone else has a decent size fish at the same time. Zero rust, pitting, or corrosion and hate to admit but I don’t take best care of my gear.. Customer for life!!!!!


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