Tips for Teaching Kids How to Fish

Most anglers agree that the most rewarding part of saltwater fishing is teaching it to their kids. While passing on this noble hobby to the next generation is exciting, it’s easy to overdo it. Many times, anglers end up going overboard trying to force their children into their hobbies. Instead of getting kids excited about fishing, they end up making them hate this sport for the rest of their lives. For every master fishermen, there are at least 2 kids who dread being dragged onto the fishing boat.

This surprising conundrum is created by parents who don’t know the right way to teach a child fishing. They are so passionate about fishing that they end up making their kids despise it. Even though this is a wide spread phenomenon, it can easily be avoided. Simply teaching your kids in a manner that appeals to them can do wonders.

Instead of becoming a drill sergeant, it’s essential to gently guide your kids into loving fishing. This may sound simple, but for most anglers finding the balance is surprisingly hard. For this reason, we have compiled a list of tips that can help any parent pass on their passion for fishing to their children. How you approach a child makes all the difference, so get ready to create a future master fisherman! 

3 Tips for Teaching Children How to Fish

Tip #1: Don’t Overdo It -  When it comes to teaching kids how to fish, moderation is key. Hitting the sea every weekend is invigorating for adults, but it can quickly become unenjoyable for a child. Getting up at 5am & enduring rain storms may build character, but they can create a phobia of fishing. While it’s essential to teach your children discipline, they also need to have fun to learn. For this reason, it’s essential to find the delicate balance between too many fishing trips & not fishing at all.

It’s important to teach your child the ropes, but force feeding your passion can lead to problems. Try to read your child after every fishing experience. If they seem to love it, by all means keep bringing them with you. For the kids that are struggling, try to make the next trip as enjoyable as possible for them. Letting your kid occasionally stay home while you go out & fish helps keep the experience from getting monotonous. This is the number one enemy of any child, so keep things fresh by not inundating them with the same experience!

Tip #2: Go to Easy Spots to Catch Fish – Everyone wants to catch a half-ton trophy fish, but children are impressed with a simple catch. By the same reasoning, they will easily get frustrated if they don’t catch at least one fish per trip. This is understandable, since they want to feel like they are achieving something.

They don’t share our love of being outdoors, so make sure to give them some incentive. Seek out spots that feature plenty of easy fish to catch, such as reefs & schools of fish. This will let your young one feel like a champ when they reel in their first catch. It can be any size, as long as they score they will feel like they’re part of the group!

Tip #3: Bring Extra Supplies – For adults, the list of fishing necessities is simple. As long as your tackle is in order, the only other thing needed could be beer. This is wildly different for children, since they need different amenities to keep them happy. We recommend bringing plenty of snacks that your kids enjoy. Positive memories are enforced by taste, so make sure they have their favorite treats!

On top of keeping your kid from getting hungry, a smartphone or tablet goes a long way. Sitting in one spot is easy for adults, but anything over 10 minutes is an eternity for children. Help liven up the down time with a few games, it will keep your kids from wanting to jump ship!