Terrify Your Budget With The Most Expensive Fishing Rods

Even though fishing rods are based on simplicity, the sky is the limit on how much they can cost. This is due to the fact that a growing number of specialty companies are catering to every aspect of fishing. Whether your vice is saltwater of fly fishing, there’s a road that’s specially made for any style. These models feature accessories that cater to everything down to the angler’s dominant hand. This impressive potential for customization has led to a series of fishing rods with larger than life price tags.

Instead of sticking to the basics, these rods play on every sportsman’s urge to take things to the next level. Throughout the history of fishing, rods have undergone multiple evolutions. We’ve come a long way from the simple fishing rods that existed well before 2,000 BC. To some extent, there's been a rebirth of the bamboo rods that were made popular in the 18th century. Every fishing renaissance has its day, which is what makes the best fishing rods that much more memorable. Their timelessness is complimented by an even more shocking price tag. The base price is only the beginning, since their long list of lavish additions can triple their overall cost.

To truly understand how far the fishing industry has evolved, examining the most expensive fishing rods is essential. These modern masterpieces showcase the sheer amount of investment and innovation involved in this once simple hobby. With prices rivaling used cars, it will be interesting to see if a new company will be able to outdo these epic rods. Prepare to be simultaneously fascinated and horrified by the rods on this list, since they embody the potential for excess! 

Most Expensive Fishing Rods

Fishing Rod #3: Orvis Helios 2 Fishing Rod ($795+) – By offering options for any type of angler, the Helios 2 reached a new level of popularity. This rod features variations that are ideal for freshwater fishing, fly fishing and saltwater fishing. Each variation has a number of relevant accessories that can be customized to the client’s exact tastes. While this amount of versatility is amazing, it can drastically affect the cost. These rods are able to easily exceed a thousand dollars, so control the urge to get too carried away with customizations.

Fishing Rod #2: Combo Bent Butt Fishing Rod ($1,788+) – For anglers taking on whatever lurks in the high sea, this bent butt rod can’t be beaten. Its potent mixture of composite blank construction and wide mouth roller guides provides unmatched control under stress. Even if a fish runs towards the boat, their 2 speed reels allow anglers to easily retrieve the line. Their double wraps boast unmatched strength and durability. This rod embodies the progress of modern ingenuity, so treat yourself to one if your budget allows!

Fishing Rod #1: Oyster Bamboo Fly Rod ($4,600+) – While the other entries on our list are understandable, this rod celebrates excess. From its engraved handle to unlimited customization options, this handcrafted bamboo rod is a work of art. For an unlisted fee, clients can make their rod even more novel with a 24-carat gold inlay on the handle. Only serious anglers who have made a deposit on their rod can request a price quote for the gold inlay. While this rod is shrouded in secrecy, there’s no denying that it’s absolutely gorgeous. Each customization raises the price, so it’s possible to spend as much as your bank account can withstand!