Sportfishing Conventions No Angler Should Miss in 2019

As America’s sportfishing industry continues to grow, so are the number of epic conventions. Despite being heavily associated with older generations, fishing is making a comeback in America. Out of the 49 million Americans that went fishing in 2017, over 60% were under 45. This figure proves that all forms of fishing possess the same timeless appeal. The sport's resilience has made it one of the most popular outdoor recreational activities in America. On top of generating $15 billion in taxes, every year recreational fishing makes a $115 billion impact on the U.S. economy.

This profound influence on American culture has paved the way for some of the most groundbreaking conventions in the world. From trade shows to exhibitions, there are plenty of places for anglers to congregate. On top of providing a sense of community, they allow anglers to stay up to date on industry news. While countless sports fishing conventions are hosted every year, only a few manage to steal the show. By showcasing new innovations, these events embody the unbreakable entrepreneurial spirit behind America’s recreational fishing industry.

To showcase which conventions are leading the industry, we compiled a list of the best sportfishing conventions in 2019. These shows put the spotlight on the robust community behind America's recreational fishing industry. Each one has a different advantage, which makes them impossible for any passionate angler to miss. Discover which dates to save by exploring this list of epic events!

Top Sportfishing Conventions in 2019

Event #1: Saltwater Fishing Expo (March 15th-17th) – Every year, this illustrious event takes the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center by storm. Located in Edison, NJ, this is the perfect place to usher in the Tri-State coastline’s saltwater fishing season. On top of boasting booths from the biggest tackle manufacturers in the industry, this event highlights local tackle shops. Attendees get to meet guides and charter providers, which allows them to make a game plan for the upcoming season. The show features seminars for local and national pros, which gives visitors the best of both worlds. 

Event #2: ICAST (July 9th-12th) – Located in Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center, this is the largest sportfishing trade show in the world. From fishing gear to apparel, this sprawling event showcases the latest innovations in the industry. Every year over 1,263 products from 280 of the most influential companies compete in ICAST’s extensive series of awards. This impressive event provides direct access to the best tools on the market. It’s impossible not to be enchanted by ICAST, so make an excuse to come to Orlando!

Event #3: 2019 Sportfishing Summit (Oct 8th-11th) – Hosted by the American Sportfishing Association, this is the most pristine place for an angler to network in America. The event is being hosted at the Skamania Lodge that’s nestled right outside of Stevenson, Washington. While the features of the event are impressive, the surrounding nature steals the show. The lodge’s prime location on the Columbia River provides access to over 70 neighboring waterfalls. It’s only 45-minutes from the Portland airport, so make a point to get in on the action!