Saltwater Fishing Gear Every Angler Needs

Getting the right gear for saltwater fishing isn’t just recommended, it’s essential for having a good time. Many people believe that they have to break the bank to get what they need. Fortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. Blindly purchasing the most expensive gear doesn’t make you a pro. There are plenty of decent saltwater fishing gear that won’t put you in debt. In fact, using the right gear can actually save you money in the long run since you won’t be constantly getting replacements.

Since there are so many options available, finding the right gear can be a daunting task. There are countless companies vying for customers, so sifting through the tsunami of different options can be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are plenty of experienced saltwater fishermen who don’t want you to waste your hard earned cash. We have compiled a list of some saltwater fishing gear that everyone should own. Prepare to step up your game with this surprisingly affordable saltwater fishing gear!

Essential Saltwater Fishing Gear for 2016

Saltwater Fishing Gear Item #1: Ande Line Ghost Monofilament – There’s nothing worse than having your line break after snagging a trophy fish. Avoid the embarrassment by using the proper fishing line. Ghost nylon monofilament is a game changer since it provides superior support at an affordable price. Ande is taking this trend a step further by adding a matte-white finish to the line. This makes it practically invisible in the water, so the fish have no idea what’s coming.

On top of changing the color, Ande has made a slew of noteworthy improvements. This line is extra soft with a smooth finish, which makes casting a breeze. It also retains superior knot strength & high abrasion resistance. To make things even more appealing, its diameter to pound-test ratio is one of the lowest on the market. A ¼ pound spool retails at $6.99, so there’s no excuse not to get the best!

Saltwater Fishing Gear Item #2: AFTCO Roller Guides – AFTCO is reaching out to custom builders with this incredibly helpful line of products. Now black, tungsten-coated 316 stainless-steel roller assemblies are available for all of their tip-tops & guides. With these assemblies, custom builders can order the roller guides & tips with all-black rollers, pins & screws. They can also be fitted as replacements to other AFTCO rollers, since this innovative feature is also compatible with other frame colors.

To make things even better, these roller guides are built to last. The tungsten coating is applied through a vacuum-bonding process, which makes it impervious to flaking & fading. This impermeability also adds an extra layer of corrosion protection. The best part is, these roller guides are available for $7 to $22. At this price, it’s time to customize your gear!

Saltwater Fishing Gear #3: Gaffer Sportfishing Stainless Split Ring Pliers – Every saltwater fisherman needs a trusty pair of split ring pliers. Gaffer Sportfishing outdid themselves with this stainless steel model. It’s 316 high polished stainless steel construction combines with the ergonomic rubber handles to create the perfect sidekick. These tight squeeze plier handles manage to maintain durability while still being comfortable. On top of being the best choice, they are also cheap. At $7.99, these pliers are ready to go on any fishing expedition!