Most Influential Anglers In the World

Throughout history there have been plenty of anglers, but only a few made a profound effect on the industry. These people turned into legends with their epic contributions to the community. On top of being outstanding fishermen, they helped inspire people around the world to start fishing. Making a lasting impact isn’t easy, especially since there are countless contenders in this thriving industry. Whether it be from writing classic novels to hosting TV shows, they helped showcase the joy of fishing. Their work is so intriguing that it will undoubtedly inspire new anglers for generations to come.

The level of influence they exerted on the world was shocking, which is why they can never be forgotten. From consistently pulling off epic feats to creatively informing anglers, these heroes have become must-know names for any respectable fisherman. The best way to step up your game is to learn from the best, & it doesn’t get any better than these anglers. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the most influential fishermen in the industry. They have single-handedly kept the industry afloat, so take some time to enjoy their feats!

Most Influential Anglers of All-Time

Influential Angler #3: Zane Grey – On top of being an incredibly talented fisherman, Zane was also a seasoned writer. Born in 1872, his novels helped guide multiple generations of bright-eyed anglers. He pioneered many aspects of the industry, & his presence is still felt to this day. It isn’t often that someone holds over a dozen saltwater fishing records, but Zane Grey effortlessly pulled it off.

He refused to fall into any general stereotype & wasn’t afraid to write about his passion for fishing. This public affair with writing ended up being his legacy, since he wrote novels that are still read today. From The Last of the Plainsmen to Riders of the Purple Sage, his work inspired countless anglers. His commentaries went on to become an essential part of Outdoor Life magazine.

He was also the first saltwater fisherman to reel in a 471 kg Pacific Blue Marlin, on top of many more epic records. All these achievements helped him win the IGFA’s Hall of Fame award. This epic award cemented his legacy within the community, so don’t hesitate to read his books!

Influential Angler #2: Roland Martin – This man’s long list of achievements has made him the godfather of bass fishing. He has over 6 decades of experience, & those years were filled with monumental feats. From 19 pro tournament wins to nearly 100 top 10 finishes, his name has become synonymous with bass fishing. On top of being extremely talented, he was also a visionary. Roland was one of the first anglers to popularize pattern fishing, a style that has become a modern-day staple.

Even though he is aging, Roland has managed to stay relevant. He hosted multiple fishing shows on NBC where he shared his tricks of the trade. His epic contributions have won him the B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year 9 times! This wild recognition has made him a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Influential Angler #1: Ernest Hemingway – On top of being one of the best American novelists of the 20th century, Hemingway personified the fishing industry. He’s the most beloved angler of all-time, & his literary masterpieces are renown throughout the world. He started fishing at 3 years old & went on to become one of the most talented anglers of all-time. By his 30’s he had already won every organized fishing tournament & had caught one of the largest Marlins ever. 

Not satisfied with catching a 533-kg beast, Hemingway wrote a slew of classic books. From Farewell to Arms to Old Man, his works are revered by anyone who appreciates quality literature. These releases helped revive the public’s interest in fishing, & they will undoubtedly inspire anglers for generations to come!