Most Coveted Saltwater Catches

Even though the possibilities of potential catches are endless, a few saltwater fish stand out to anglers. Due to their intense demeanor and impressive features, these species are revered by fishermen worldwide. From powerful evasive abilities to tasty meat, these fish are catches of a lifetime. Reeling in these powerful creatures is a feat within itself, which makes catching one even more rewarding. While saltwater fishing is enjoyable, capturing a treasured species is something to brag about.

Out of the thousands of fish species scattered throughout the ocean, a few are adored by anglers around the world. To truly call yourself a saltwater fisherman, reeling in one of these magnificent fish is essential. In many ways capturing one of these species is a right of passage, since not everyone has the skill to reel them in. While getting them to bite is easy, dealing with the fury and wrestling it into submission is another story.

To highlight the fish that every angler should look out for, we compiled this list of coveted saltwater catches. Each of these entries is surrounded by million-dollar industries, so reeling them in is feasible but far from easy. While money can make the opportunity appear, it takes a certain level of confidence and skill to seize the moment. From their tenacious demeanors to legendary demand, these fish are the most treasured catches that an angler can achieve. Reeling in one of these instantly legitimizes any angler’s career, so set your sights on these feisty entries!

Top Saltwater Catches

Saltwater Catch #3: Bluefin Tuna – From the moment they are born, these aggressive fish patrol the sea. Sporting retractable fins and a torpedo like design, Bluefin tuna are a force to be reckoned with. They hunt schools of mackerel, herring and even eels. This robust diet allows them to live up to 40 years and weigh up to 1,500 pounds. Out of the three species of Bluefin, the Atlantic is the largest and most sought after by anglers. In recent years their numbers have dwindled drastically, since their meat is extremely valuable in Japanese fish markets.

Saltwater Catch #2: Sailfish – Boasting a long spear and spectacularly large dorsal fin, these fish are impossible to miss. Swimming up to 68 miles an hour, sailfish are the fastest fish in the ocean. This impressive speed and intimidating body type makes them an extremely effective predator. They normally feed on smaller fish such as anchovies and sardines, but also occasionally target octopus and squids. Everything about this fish is memorable, which makes it one of the most treasured saltwater catches.

Saltwater Catch #1: Blue Marlin – These gorgeous fish spend their lives following warm ocean currents for thousands of miles. The females are noticeably bigger than the males, and can reach up to 1,985 pounds and 14 feet in length. The average lifespan is 18 years for males and 27 years for females, which gives them plenty of time to hunt. While they normally target tuna and mackerel, blue marlin occasionally dive deep into the ocean to eat squid. Their meat is a delicacy in Japan, and every year industrial boats reel them in. Blue Marlin put up an epic fight when caught, which makes them the holy grail for anglers.