Meet the Most Dangerous Saltwater Fish

Out of all the fish in the ocean, a few pose an extreme threat to anglers. When casting in the deep sea, doors are opened to new dangers. Aside from the of the slew of sharks, there are plenty of threats that many anglers wouldn’t expect. Not all dangerous creatures are intimidating, since many have evolved to blend in. One thing that many forget is that some fish feature deadly characteristics.

This ignorance can lead to tragic accidents, since these fish don’t look menacing. They may look harmless, but it’s a trick to subdue predators. These seemingly innocent fish pack enough tricks to hurt the average fisherman. To avoid a tragedy, knowing what you’re getting into ahead of time is essential. For this reason, we have compiled a list of some of the most dangerous fish in the world. Prepare to be surprised, since these finned foes look harmless!

3 Surprisingly Dangerous Saltwater Fish

Fish #3: Lionfish – This is a gorgeous species of fish, but don’t let their looks fool you. Over the last few years, they have become a nightmare for anglers fishing off the Eastern coast of America. Each one of them is covered in venomous spines. This makes handling them extremely dangerous, even though they aren’t aggressive towards humans. The same can’t be said for their attitude towards other marine life. They have a voracious appetite, & are capable of eating 30,000 juvenile fish a year.

This impressive hunger has led to their populations reaching alarming levels in multiple locations. Out of all the places over-run with lionfish, the most extreme case is in the Dominican Republic. In this beautiful Central-American country, locals can’t swim without stepping on these devious fish. If you are suffering from a lionfish sting, hot water should be applied to the wound for 30 minutes. If the pain doesn’t go away, seek medical attention!

Fish #2: Hardhead Catfish – Freshwater catfish may be notorious for stinging fishermen, but it doesn’t remotely compare to the power of hardhead catfish. This isn’t a surprise, since saltwater fish face much more aggressive predators. The hardhead catfish features two poisonous barbs. Their sting is extremely painful, & the spines are capable of puncturing your skin. For this reason, hardhead catfish should be handled with extreme care. To avoid getting stung, use a fish de-hooker or cut the line when one is on the hook.

If you are unfortunate enough to get hit by one of these, there are plenty of home remedies. Many anglers claim to relieve the sting by rubbing fish slime, tobacco or bleach onto the wound. These remedies are debatable, so the best way to cure it is to avoid getting stung!

Fish #1: Bluefish – Despite their docile appearance, bluefish are one of the most aggressive fish that an angler can face. What they boast in strength is easily surpassed by their ferociousness. Many anglers claim that if a bluefish went up against a piranha, the bluefish would win. They are easily the hardest fighting fish that you will reel in. The worst part is, the battle isn’t over when they are in the boat.

Many claim that the chopper is one of the few species of fish that can see outside of the water. This allows them to attack distracted anglers who aren’t careful when removing the hook. They have a strong set of teeth, & they love using them on humans. If you aren’t careful, they can mangle your fingers.

Once they bite, they refuse to let go. It can take a few horrifying minutes to escape the determined grip of their teeth. For this reason, use boga grips & long handled pliers to remove the hook.