Implement These Proven Night Fishing Tips

While the debate about the best time to saltwater fish continues, there’s no denying the appeal of night fishing. From providing unique opportunities to a serene setting, multiple aspects of the night routinely seduce anglers. Due to the cooling temperatures, fish can be even more active during the nighttime. It’s also a prime opportunity to see marine life that isn’t visible during the daytime. All these factors have made night fishing a special treat within the fishing community.

Even for those who dread pulling all-nighters, there are plenty of ways to make the most out of a nighttime excursion. Night fishing on the high sea is an experience, which is why it has to be tried at least once. This method allows anglers to maximize their charter boat time by taking advantage of the night. Drastically switching your schedule can be intimidating, but there’s always ways to adjust. While getting a full night’s sleep the night before is a given, not all night fishing tips are as obvious.

Proper planning prevents poor performance, and nowhere is this phrase truer than with night fishing. On top of taking the proper precautions for live bait and dressing accordingly, a few tricks can make all the difference. To showcase how to make the most out of your trip, we compiled a list of tips for night fishing. There’s always a way to improve, so discover proven tricks that will make your night!

Top Tips for Night Fishing

Tip #3: Don’t Use Glow In the Dark Lures – Contrary to popular belief, fish don’t need to see your lure. Never is this more evident than at nighttime when fish use the moon's rays to spot silhouettes. While a couple touches such as eyes or spots can make your lure stand out, full blown glow in the dark lures throw fish off. They are proven to be less effective during night fishing, so don’t waste your money. There are plenty of more advantageous investments that can make your night trip unforgettable, so use more conventional lures!

Tip #2: Use Fishing Glow Sticks – Just because the fish don’t need to see the lure doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be alert. Paying attention to the line can be a chore in the dark, which makes glow sticks essential. To make the most out of the experience, attach a fishing glow stick to the end of the rod. This welcome burst of illumination will immediately tell you if the line is jumping. For those who want a classier solution, rod alarms also complete the same task. Let your budget be your guide, but there’s no beating the simplicity of glow sticks!

Tip #1: Pay Attention to the Moon – While any night is fine for fishing, planning your excursion during a full moon is optimal. The added light lures fish out to feed, since it allows them to spot their prey easier. Aside from motivating the fish to get active, a full moon paints the picture for a breathtaking night. Treat yourself to a phenomenal setting by aligning your trip with the moon!