Discover the Best Fishing Spots in the Florida Keys

Out of all the places to fish in the U.S., none are more notorious than the Florida Keys. When examining the statistics, it’s impossible to ignore this island’s impact on America’s saltwater fishing industry. One in every four fishing trips in the United States happen in Florida, which makes it the number one spot for anglers. This influx of of tourists puts Florida at the top of national boat sales. Through the numerous supplies being sold to anglers, Florida’s fishing industry contributes more to the state’s economy than the entire citrus industry.

Out of all the places to fish in Florida, none are more attractive than the Florida Keys. Thanks to its gorgeous weather and ideal fishing conditions, this cluster of islands attracts thousands of anglers every year. Between bonefish and tarpon, the sheer amount of fish available is staggering. This ample amount of coveted recreational fish has sealed this area’s place at the top of America’s fishing community.

While there’s no disputing the appeal of the Florida Keys, the debate continues about its best fishing spots. When examining the sheer amount of islands, this is far from surprising. Over 1,700 tiny islands make up the archipelago of the Florida Keys. Most of these are unpopulated, and only 43 are connected by bridges. For this reason, the islands are grouped into the Upper Keys, Middle Keys, Lower Keys and Outlying Islands. In this article we will discuss the best fishing spots in the Florida Keys. While there are always hidden spots, these areas are notorious for making epic catches. Take the mystery out of fishing in the Keys by examining this list before your trip!

Best Fishing Spots in the Florida Keys

Spot #3: Big Pine Key – Boasting a diverse amount of activities, this area is the highlight of the Lower Keys. While this island is a mecca for snorkel and dive expeditions, its main attraction is fishing. Due to the abundant population of swordfish and mangrove snappers, this is an angler’s paradise. While the larger prey inhabit other areas, this island is ideal for small catches. Enjoy the best of both worlds at this picturesque fishing spot!

Spot #2: Marathon – Comprising over ten islands, this spot represents the heart of the Florida Keys. Over the years, it has become an international destination for tarpon fishing. Even if you don’t want to wrestle these beasts, there are still plenty of options. The water is filled with dolphin fish and white marlin, so there’s something for every angler!

Spot #1: Islamorada – This chain of six islands is one of the most influential saltwater fishing spots in the world. Both backcountry and saltwater fly fishing were invented in its crystal clear waters. These innovative developments have made Islamorada the “sport fishing capital of the world”. This breathtaking coastal destination is home to plenty of bonefish, tarpon and sailfish. It’s the perfect place to take the family, so don’t miss out on the action!