Best Tackle for Saltwater Fishing

The holidays are approaching fast, so it’s prime time get some new tackle. Fortunately for the consumer, getting the right tackle isn’t as complicated as many people think. Sure there are thousands of companies promoting different products, but in the end all you need is the basics.

We have traveled the world fishing, & the harsh reality is the same tackle will catch almost any fish around the globe. There are plenty of variations, but as long as they harness a few key qualities they will be wildly effective. There’s no need to go overboard with your tackle, so do yourself a favor & save money for another epic fishing trip.

We know that it’s easy to get lured into buying unnecessary tackle. By sticking to the basics, you will simultaneously save your budget & sanity. For this reason we have come up with a list of the best tackle for your money. Prepare to revamp your fishing game by celebrating simplicity!

Indispensable Saltwater Fishing Tackle

Saltwater Tackle Item #1: Gold Spoon – There’s a reason why this is one of the most popular lures on the planet. From Australia to California, this lure can be found in any respectable angler’s tackle box. What makes this lure extra appealing is its versatility.

The true strongpoint of the spoon is that it comes in a myriad of options. Single hook spoons, weedless spoons & treble hook spoons are all highly effective variations of this lure. However, out of all the options our favorite version is the Johnson Sprite Spoon. We have found that the traditional gold version of this spoon can get hits from a huge variety of saltwater species. But don’t take our word for it, get one & see for yourself!

Saltwater Fishing Tackle Item #2: Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp – To catch a trophy fish, you have to offer something that will catch its attention. Through our many fishing expeditions, we found that the most widely snagged bait is artificial shrimp. No matter what you are targeting, fish go wild for this bait. It’s the perfect morsel that’s equally appealing to a wide variety of fish. From grass flats to the deep sea, you can’t miss with artificial shrimp.

There are plenty of brands of artificial shrimp, but we recommend Berkley Gulp! Alive! Shrimp. This is a consistent product that delivers real results. Even though they are our favorite brand, the amount of choices may confuse you. They offer a slew of different colors, which can make picking the right one difficult. We recommend that you use the “New Penny” color. In our experience this hue attracted the most fish. Pick up a bucket on Amazon to get the best prices online!

Saltwater Fishing Tackle Item #3: Gaffer Sportfishing Extra Strong Treble Hooks – To take on a giant tuna, you’re going to need some heavy duty tackle. That’s why Gaffer’s extra strong treble hooks are the perfect solution. They really went the extra mile on making their hooks nearly indestructible. Each hook is made from hardened high-carbon steel, & the hooks are chemically sharpened to achieve needle-like points.

The innovation doesn’t stop there. The shanks on the hook feature clean welds & they also sport an inline eye. This winning combo helps the bait achieve the best swimming action possible. It’s rare that you find a durable hook that can glide through the water at these speeds. Pick up a 25 pack to try it out for yourself!