Best Places to Fish in Cuba

After finally breaking back into the mainstream, Cuba has quickly become a haven for adventurous anglers. Despite being surprisingly close to America geographically, a political wedge has forced these nations apart. Nestled just an hour off the coast of Florida, this country has been off limits for decades. After years of being shrouded in secrecy, Cuba has managed to stay on everyone’s mind. Making this country illegal to visit for so long has only added to its allure. Everyone wants to try something unique, which makes Cuba the perfect place to rip lips.

This elusive country has finally opened its doors to Americans, which is giving us a slew of new fishing spots to choose from. From epic saltwater fishing coastlines to hidden freshwater oasis’, Cuba is an angler’s paradise. They are finally welcoming us with open arms, which has opened the floodgates to a flood of curious tourists. While this is a great progression, the country is about to undergo some extreme changes.  There will undoubtedly be a slew of corporations taking over, but that’s to be expected when a country embraces capitalism.

These growing pains will be both good & bad, but seeing Cuba before it gets gentrified can’t be beaten. Right now, it’s full of fresh places for anglers to explore. It may lack some of the amenities, but it makes up for it with a more than charming price. We have compiled a brief overview of the best fishing spots in Cuba. Prepare to be blown away by the diversity of fishing options inside this adventurous island!

Best Places to Fish in Cuba

Cuban Fishing Oasis #1: Marina Hemingway – It may not be known by most American anglers, but this place has been a saltwater fishing mecca for decades. Marina Hemingway is home to the oldest billfish contest in the world. To top it off, they already host three international saltwater fishing tournaments a year. The June Hemingway marlin tournament kicks off the season, & anglers flock from around the world to participate. From that time in the year on it’s prime time to catch a trophy fish.

The area is a strategic port of entry, so there are ample offshore charter fishing fleets. They are moderately priced & offer unforgettable half & full day trips. Most mid-day voyages encompass the mouth of Havana Harbor while the full-day trips venture into the deep waters of Cojimar. 

This area was romanticized in many of Hemingway’s books because it sports a thriving broad-bill swordfish population. The waters are so ripe with fish that copious amounts of jacks, bonefish & snappers can be caught on-shore. All these qualities make this one of the most sought after fishing spots in the Caribbean. Take a trip for yourself before the prices go up!

Cuban Fishing Oasis #2: Zapata Swamp Preserve – Located just 2 & a half hours South of Havana, this freshwater fishing spot steals the show. This is the largest preserve in the Caribbean, & it’s teeming with tarpon. It encompasses 11 miles of pristine river, making it a naturalist’s delight. This place is so gorgeous that even if you don’t catch a fish you will be mesmerized by the scenery. That’s never a problem, since this is one of the easiest places to catch a fish in the world!

Cuban Fishing Oasis #3: Playa Baracoa – This is yet another quality option for those who like to stay onshore. Hand lining snapper may be easy in Malecón, but the sheer variety of fish available in Playa Baracoa can’t be beaten. Snappers, barracuda jacks & countless more species are within casting distance offshore. 

This town is close to the brackish river mouths west of the seaside Marial autopista. These entryways provide plenty of freshwater options that are all just a small distance away. There’s something for everyone, since this is the perfect jump-off point for any fishing trip. Don’t take our word for it, go out & see for yourself!