3 Fastest Saltwater Fish In The World

Out of all the surprising characteristics of saltwater fish, none are more impressive than some species’ top speeds. Faced with constantly having to escape predators, fish as a whole have steadily evolved to be fast. Within the 31,500 known fish species, a select group hunts within their own gene pool. On top of dominating features, hunting other fish demands lightning quick movement. For this reason, it’s no surprise that some saltwater fish can swim so quickly that it borders on being outrageous.

Unbeknownst to many anglers, most prized fish can swim faster than fishing boats that are going at top speed. While the average pontoon boat can barely exceed 35 mph, the fastest fish in the ocean can nearly double those speeds. It’s amazing what some fish have evolved into, especially the top saltwater catches. From using sheer force while escaping traps to evading predators, these fish are built to survive.

To truly understand the novelty of what we are fishing, it’s essential to examine the fastest fish in the ocean. These massive creatures are capable of truly impressive feats, which is why they deserve to be highlighted in this article. For this reason, we compiled a list of the fastest fish in the ocean. The speeds that these fish reach when panicked is jaw-dropping, so prepare to be impressed by this list! 

Fastest Fish In The Ocean 

Fastest Saltwater Fish

Fish Species #3: Marlin – While some claim that this is the fastest fish species in the world, not all experts agree. Many anglers claim that marlins are able to strip line off a reel at 120 feet per second. While this translates to 80 miles an hour, their leaping speed is much slower. When tested by multiple sources, Marlins were found to be able to leap at speeds of 50 mph. This conservative estimate makes them one of the fastest fish species in the world. Combined with their spear-like upper jaw, Marlin are undoubtedly some of the most effective hunters in the ocean.

Fish Species #2: Swordfish – Thanks to their distinctive appearance, Swordfish are some of the most well-known fish in the world. They can be found in the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean Sea. This long list of habitats has given most fishing communities exposure to this impressive predator. Even for those that don’t live on the ocean, swordfish appearances in film and cartoons have made them internationally recognizable.

On top of having a diverse diet that includes larger fish and octopus, Swordfish have a ferocious appetite. They have to eat daily, which forces them to constantly hunt other species. Their long sword-like bill is used to slash and spear its prey. While this natural advantage makes them dangerously efficient hunters, speed is their main weapon. They have been recorded as reaching 80 mph, with more accurate studies logging them at 60 mph. This incredible display of speed allows swordfish to dominate the ocean.

Fish Species #1: Sailfish – Out of all the fish in the ocean, none are faster than this species. Feeding mostly on cephalopods and small bony fish, sailfish hunt throughout the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Despite being ten feet long and weighing up to 128 pounds, these fish swim at break neck speeds. According to the ReefQuest Centre for Shark Research, sailfish can leap at 68 mph. With bursts of power this impressive, sailfish are the fastest fish in the ocean.